Why SEO Copywriting Should Be Done By a Professional Writer?

Time and again, we tell you. Content has a power either to make your business or break it.

Then, why should you even let some guy who knows English write your website’s content? Why should you even write it? Or let a friend who somehow brought good grade in some essay competition during high-school days?

You can’t. Unless the person you have assigned copywriting work is very good at writing even though he doesn’t do it professionally. But that still is a fraught business.

Think. The content you push out in your website stays there for a long time. Visitors see it and read it. It gives them the impression of what your business is. And I believe you don’t want visitors to have bad or confusing impression of your business.

Think. The content you publish in your website has to engage, educate and convert. Otherwise why bother putting it out there?

So, you have thought. Now what’s the solution?

Hire a professional copywriter!

If you aren’t still convinced with the short talk, then get ready for some specific reasons. Let’s get started.

1. Content without grammar errors: A professional writer knows his craft inside out. He has been writing and learning for years. There is no way he’s going to make grammar errors that will make your website look stupid and therefore unconvincing to purchase from. Most people can’t tell the difference between “your” and “you’re”. But he can.

2. Content is created in time: Time is valuable to a professional writer. He has been meeting deadlines. That’s why he’s in business. If he has missed lots of deadlines, then I don’t think so he would still be around. So, when you assign him the copywriting task, you can expect him to submit the work to you in time. If you yourself have set out to write, then it would have taken a long time as you have your core business duties to handle.
3. In-depth knowledge of the industry: When you produce content, it might not be in-depth. You would write what you know. And others would produce shallow content. But a professional writer researches, studies, learns and understands not only your business and your competitors but also things related to your industry and industry trends. Due to which he is able to write in-depth website content. You should know users prefer content that informs them right and in-depth information so that it can be helpful for them to make good purchasing decision.

4. Brand Image: Will it do any good if your website displays content that’s largely similar to any other business of your niche or industry? It won’t. Your website will be just another website. It won’t stand out. But what a professional writer can do is produce unique content with appropriate business tone i.e. defined brand image. And when you have unique brand image, it will stand out from the crowd of similar boring websites.
5. Copywriting Tactics: Do you know what tactics you should use in your website copy to attract, retain and convert visitors into customers? You don’t. But a professional writer knows them. His career spins around these tactics. They are his tools. So when you hire him, you can expect your website content to be not just free of grammar errors or with in-depth information but also it will be prepared and presented in a way that converts.

6. SEO-optimised: One great advantage you can reap when you hire a professional writer for website copywriting is that he will prepare content that is in line with SEO. The content won’t be good for users only. It will be good for search engines. He will provide you with content that has targeted right keywords and used throughout the copy in right frequency.

I guess you are convinced by now that website copywriting should be done by a professional writer. Or it won’t be wrong to say. Only by him.

And again, we tell you, content can make or break your business. Why should your business suffer by producing low-grade content crap?

It shouldn’t. It should grow towards the apex.